Our production unit is located in Tazlău and it carries out its business in its own production capacities. The entire area held by our productive unit amounts to 129 000 m2, with constructions laid out on approximately 9500 m2, including:
- Sawmill hall building - where the primary logs conversion and the sizing of the timber is carried out;
- The production unit for veneered products - where the elements for wooden packaging are made, by logs peeling;
- The production unit for half-finished goods – where we produce half-finished goods from beech wood consisting of wooden friezes made at sizes established in advance, together with the beneficiaries.

The own production unit is an industrial unit, specialized in primary wood processing. The finished products are beech timber and resinous timbers intended for export. Finished products are made in our own production capacities, in a varied range, and they are perfectly adapted to our internal and external customers’ demanding requirements.
The basic technological process is strictly specialized for this production, and the technological flow operations, in their order of performance, are:
   - log sorting
   - log conversion
   - timber edging and re-sawing
   - timber steaming
   - disinfection
   - timber sorting
   - timber drying
   - packaging
   - delivery

The production unit is technologically equipped with modern wood conversion and processing equipment, with a production capacity of approximately 3000 m3 of conversed log, and the packaging and delivery options amount to approximately 1500 – 2000 m3 of timber, all of which are carried out during a normal, 8 hour/day shift.